Put your public sites at your domain

Unlock custom domains and branding on every platform you use.


Stop confusing your customers with third party links and branding

Cloak your public pages with custom URLs and branding. Works for hundreds of platforms.

Examples of Cloakist in action

Check out these live examples that we've masked and branded with Cloakist

Don't just redirect — make your sites live at your domain

Unlike a redirect, Cloakist makes your custom domain stay in the URL bar when the page loads, resulting in better UX and SEO than a simple redirect.

No coding required

Set up your custom domain in minutes — without writing a line of code.

Your safety & privacy first

We'll never ask for access to your workspace or private data. We only work with public content.

Brand integrity matters

No more confusing your customers with links and branding they don't recognize.

How it works


Input your public site and the custom URL you want for it

For instance, input trello.com/b/5D8wseZO/example and choose example.yoursite.com as a custom URL.


Subscribe and receive your DNS record

You'll receive a CNAME record — we'll help you input it in the final step.


Add custom branding

We'll give you a chance to add custom branding (e.g. your company's logo) to your cloaked page.


Plug in your DNS record

Add the DNS record to your domain's DNS settings — we'll help with each step of this.

That's it! Your custom domain will soon be live.

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Here's what our customers say

Many popular tools today don’t allow you to add your own custom domain. Cloakist has allowed me to front a couple services I share to the public with domains that are easy to remember and help with brand boosting. If you’re not a DNS expert, I recommend them. If you are a DNS expert...I recommend them.
Julie - CEO at ZibaSec
Cloakist’s cheap and easy solution was a godsend for my public Roam database. All I had to do was fill out a short form, change some DNS settings, and the custom domain was up and running in less than 2 days. Couple this with responsive customer support. It’s a no brainer.
Jack - Founder at DAObase
A significant barrier to using Roam Research for my public work was my inability to use my own domain name. It's important to me to be clearly associated with my work so this was non-negotiable. Cloakist solves this problem neatly and was quick & easy to setup. We had one problem with the setup at the beginning which the team worked quickly to solve. If you have the same need I can recommend giving this service a try.
Matt - Founder at The Art of Navigation

Get started

Pricing starts at $10/site per month. We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if you're not happy.


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